Thursday, December 3, 2009

Norah Falls

Norah Jones returns this year with her new album The Fall. Here, she takes a detour and experiments with a new sound. The intro to Chasing Pirates, the first (and my favorite) track, is the fork in the road that leads to an unfamiliar neck of the woods.

Most of the tracks, collectively, feel like those home movies of beautiful women having a merry romp in a grassy field. Except the grassy field is growing on a roof in the middle of a city. We chase her, barefoot, across the green. Norah’s voice retains its grainy appeal, but the sound itself is fuller and crisper. She crackles.

It is a mischievous album, and it is apparent that this musician is truly enjoying her craft. In her last track, Man of the Hour, she teases, “And I chose you because you are sweet/ And you give me lots of loving/ And you eat meat.” Norah is light and unaffected in this record, a real joy to listen to.

Watch as she talks about making the new album. I like seeing her with short hair and a guitar.

0 seen below:

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