Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The day in random thoughts

I can't sleep.

Finished Christmas shopping today. The press of people in SM is suffocating. Informed my friends that I have contemplated genocide. Will avoid said mall except to watch Avatar.

I need to do something about the mess in my room. It's been a good week in books and piles are growing. Must move them soon or risk getting buried alive under an avalanche of fiction.

I miss my mother. I see mothers and their daughters caught in the rush of last-minute shopping and I think of Alice in the market, buying ingredients for her Bicol Express.

I think there are more carolers this year. For the last couple of weeks, I have listened to renditions of Jingle Bells and Silent Night punctuated by wild barking. Peals of terror inevitably follow. Rako and the boys do not appreciate Good Cheer around spaces they have claimed with their urine.


4 seen below:

Lisa said...

Hi Kubi,

I have avoided SM for about a year now. Not even Watson's can make me suffer the crowds. I think I am getting old...

I hear Avatar is good though. :)

homer said...

"avalanche of fiction" ..i like! =)

homer said...

btw, kubiyat, merry christmas. =)

kubi said...

@Lisa: Thanks for dropping by! Merry Christmas!

@homer: Merry Christmas!

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