Saturday, December 12, 2009


Pa, Jake, and I went to SM Department Store this morning to buy Jake's teacher a present. Working in the glassware section must be a harrowing profession. I don't think any other salesperson in the store is as mindful of their wares. Handling stock must be done with painstaking care. Bowls piled at precarious angles could be disastrous. Reaching for an object in the second row requires a particular attentiveness absent in the plastic section. Animated shoppers could gesticulate wildly and upset shelves heavy with breakables. Sudden movements are not welcome here.

I am not trustworthy around so much glass. When I was in college, my laboratory group mates were exasperated with me because I kept accidentally breaking beakers and test tubes. The rate and frequency at which I smashed things were legendary. In high school, I nearly burned down the chem lab. But that's a different story.

0 seen below:

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