Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year is 2010

Update: This post was originally entitled #100, because I thought that I'd hit 100 blog entries. I did, but discovered that my dashboard includes drafts in the count. I went through the list and weeded out six draft posts. I had hoped to complete 100 published posts before 2010, but oh well. False alarm. Haha. I guess the milestone will just have to be pushed back several more days.



2009 went by quickly for me. It was an emotional year, challenging in many ways; heartbreaking in a particular turn. But I had my family, Lem, and my friends to carry me through to the beginning of another new year. I love you all.

2 seen below:

homer said...

Happy New Year Kubi. It's nice having to look forward to in the blog word, y'know. Thanks for writing.

kubi said...

Thanks for reading! :)

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