Tuesday, January 8, 2008

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Anger and a lesson in snot

I'm back in Manila now, and for reasons I probably will never admit, everything pisses me off. I have a feeling the people at home are beginning to suspect that there might be something up my nether region. This morning, I decided that I should try and manage my mounting rage. I fear that if I don't, I might lash out and break someone's face. Otherwise, I got nuthin' but love.

In more news, I'm recovering from the ravages of the Common Cold. I spent my last three days in Baguio with the flu.When my cough decided to go the distance, the depressing weather in the city decided to make a turn-around. I had my blankets up to my chin, and outside the damn birds were singing, the frickin' sun was shining, and the blasted sky was the perfect shade of ice blue. I didn't mind. Truly.

Here's some information you may have already realized for yourselves (but I'm going to write about anyway). Remember that when one is sick with the flu, it is usually best to drink plenty of fluids. I was wise to follow that advice and drank as much water as I could. Have you ever noticed that when your nose is jammed with snot, and you have water in your other breathing orifice, the effect is like drowning? It is an unpleasant, sputtering experience. Now, I am careful to blow my nose before I lift a glass of water to my mouth. Everyone should remember to do likewise.

Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands.
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