Friday, June 13, 2008

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Location chart

Looks like I'm going to be back in Baguio for the next four months. I took home most of my stuff from the House of M yesterday. I was sorely unprepared for major hakot, so in an act of desperation, I packed most of my readings and books in a black trash bag. There were mixed looks of amusement and disdain. Nicole and Lem sniggered when they saw my trash bag (Nicole when I was leaving Marikina, and Lem when I got to Baguio). The security guard at Victory informed me that I shouldn't stray too far from my bags because the resident basurero might mistake them for the morning trash. I think he was kidding.

Monday, June 9, 2008

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Resurgent blogger? Not.

I feel I need to reach out. I haven't written in a while though, so this will come out in random bursts.

I space out a lot these days and feel sleepy even when I shouldn't be. One forgets how to socialize after being on field for a while. The seas and the mountains are more tame than the city.

Even when one misses their pine trees, the Universe will compensate somehow. I think of agoho trees growing on a cliff, all bending where the winds blow them.

Roger Federer. The French Open finals. (...hargh)

Been hanging out in Marvel 1602 (Thanks Fifi!) It makes for good dreams.

Regina Spektor makes a recent appearance in my life. Listen to the "The Call" on the Prince Caspian soundtrack. I realized how much I missed her and revisited Begin to Hope this morning (Come in to my world, I've got to you...bum bum bum).

Skadoosh. Pandas kick kung fu ass.

My armpits are bleeding. And with this visual thought, I leave you.

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