Thursday, December 17, 2009

An afternoon with Chuck Lorre

I spent most of the afternoon watching The Big Bang Theory. I lay in the Green Couch, tucked my blanket around me to preserve warmth, and never got up.

The relationship between Penny and Sheldon is endearing. For Christmas, in the second season, Penny gives Sheldon a table napkin used and autographed by Leonard Nimoy. Because no present could possibly reciprocate the value of Spock's DNA, Sheldon sheds his usual social restraints and gives Penny a hug. It was adorable.

One half of the show's duo of gifted creators is Chuck Lorre, who has spawned such series as Two and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg, and Cybill. The writer/producer has been very generous with his genius, providing viewers with nuggets of brilliance through what are referred to as Vanity Cards. These posts flash for about two seconds after each episode Lorre has ever worked on. They contain his astute thoughts on censorship, his work, race, relationships, Life, and other random things he chooses to write about. He is currently  petitioning for immediate change in the conditions of Existence. The man is a visionary. The entire Vanity Cards list here.

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homer said...

interesting guy. i've heard of The Big Bang Theory and Dharma and Greg but haven't had the chance to watch it. nice for Lorre to do something eccentric though. I like him already.

also, might I invite you to my blog one of these days? =)

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