Saturday, March 17, 2007

Writing venture

I found this ad in the Opinion page of the INQUIRER Compact on March 14, 2007. Maybe we can make something of it:

Your issue, your story...My Place

The INQUIRER Compact has launched a new feature: A contributed opinion column called My Place, published on this page every Monday. Here are the guidelines for My Place contributors:

1. You can write for My Place if you are an INQUIRER Compact reader.

2. You can write on any topic, but we prefer that you write about your home, your street, your community, your town, your city, your province, your region. You write, that is, from the persepctive of your place.

3. You can write about why you love your community; about what makes your town special; about the best places to visit in your locality; about what local groups or pillars of the community are doing to help improve lives in your corner of the world; about what you or your neighbors do everyday or on special occasions; about local traditions that fill your heart with alarm or pride.

4. You can also write on local issues; problems in your neighborhood, community concerns, stories that are not reflected in national government programs or in national media.

5. You must keep your contribution to a certain length: not more that 5000 characters.

6. You can send the article to INQUIRER Compact c/o Abelardo S. Ulanday, Executive Editor, at our office address, or e-mail it to

7. If we publish your piece, you can expect a modest gift from Compact in return.

0 seen below:

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