Thursday, March 29, 2007

Top of the food chain

My friend Maika complains that I'm such a carnivore. When we go out to eat and I innocently declare that I want steak, she gives me The Look. Maika belongs on the other end of the gastronomic spectrum: she's a vegetarian. This is something I don't understand. Or possibly, refuse to understand. How can you eat just veggies when you can enjoy the succulent savory goodness of a nice slice of beef? I enjoy ensaladang amapalaya as much as the next veggie-eater, but gimme a break, who can refuse spare ribs and zesty ranch dressing? Or a cheesy/juicy burger? Or chicken schnitzel piled imperiously on a plate of spaghetti bolognese? Or bacon fried to a heavenly crisp? Or pinikpikan with bagnet? Or dinakadakan, mixed with the crunchy surprise of liempo? I'm driving myself crazy, so I stop with the examples here.

My friends try to appeal to my animal-loving side: "Just think - that (lovely) T-bone steak was once a cow lolling in the lap of prairie luxury." And I, greasy mouth and all, reply "You want a bite, don't you? Admit it." They recoil at the carefully selected piece (just the right amount of fat and meat) I generously offer them: "They killed a cow so you could have a steak." My eyes widen slightly, but I am unfazed. I eat the piece they refuse: more for me. In my mind, I say a silent thank you to the cow who fattened itself up on the grassy knolls for my wickedly delicious steak.

I must admit, though, that there are some companies whose meat-processing methods leave a lot to be desired. Burger King has seen the light and has changed its ways. When I read the article, I thought, These pigs get one last hurrah before they go. But I'm not really sure if it's better that they don't know they're heading for the chopping block. They have no clue of their coming fate. What happens if they aren't amply warned?

I would never eat dog meat, though. I liken it to eating a talking beast of Narnia.

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marocharim said...

hey, i eat dog meat. :)

nice entry for all us carnivores. there was actually a time in my life where i seriously contemplated stopping eating rice to satisfy my craving for pork.

Lisa said...

The great thing about carnivores is that we can swing easily from one end of the spectrum to the other while the veggie folks are stuck in their corner, and because they suspect they're stuck, they call it a philosophy.

Some others don't understand my "dessert first" policy either (be- sure-to-leave-room-for-the-main- course).

Kubi, this is a post after my own heart -- my family does own one of the oldest steak houses in the country. Hahaha!


PinoyHarbinger said...

vegetarians don't get all tehe nutrients that they need. So i guess its not that healthy either.

trench said...

Dont feel out of place. My diet consists of about 60% meat. Trust me your not the only one! I eat everything from deer to crocodile. Been there, done that.

kubiyat said...

marocharim: hey man, to each his own. :D ah...pork. the every-meat. you just gotta love it.

lisa: wow, really? which one is it? ...sizzling plate? hihi, dessert first. now there's a philosophy.

pinoyharbinger: actually, i heard that they still get protein. they have tofu and stuff. they just don't get to have as much fun. soul food, pare. :D

trench: i was going to take this with me to the grave, but...i've tasted wild boar. just like asterix and obelix :D endangered species, though. ouch.

Josh The Great said...

Ah, meat! meat! meat!

I'm really watching out for my health now (I don't even eat Mcdo or drink softdrinks anymore) but one thing I can't do is not eat meat.

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