Monday, March 12, 2007

We still love him anyway

Canas (ARG) def Federer (SUI)
7-5, 6-2

Lem texted this morning to report that Roger lost to one Guillermo Canas in the first round of the Pacific Life Open. I know that Roger's going to lose to someone eventually, but everytime I hear that he lost a match, my chest caves in. My heart literally breaks. When he lost to Nadal in the Rome Masters last April, I experienced a slight identity crisis. I was re-evaluating my whole existence when I realized he can't win 'em all. I gained a nugget of wisdom that time, but I was crushed all the same when Andy Murray beat him in Cincinnati in the latter part of last year. And when he lost to Andy Roddick in January. Roger, though, takes it in stride. He doesn't smash his racquet on the court or scream in frustration. He says "Congratulations. Great match." and goes on his way. In his press conferences, he even puts in a good word for his opponent. Very diplomatic. He's a gracious loser. That's what makes him a champion.

Since Roger is too affable to act like a sore loser, I realize it is my job to do the racquet-smashing for him. I get to be unfair to his opponents and make it personal. Being the crazed fan, I can roar and cuss in frustration. I can wallow in his defeat because I can afford to. Leave it to Roger to be mature and leave it to me to be the bawling kid.

(If you want to feel better about this loss by re-living a glory moment, read this old post on Federer winning the 2006 US Open: Champions I)

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snst_blvd said...

well at least he's more kempt now. LOL

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