Thursday, May 10, 2007

Six weird things about me

And to indulge JJ:

The Rules: Each player of this game starts with six weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own six weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. When I’m bored or stressed, I start singing “Dear Lie” by TLC or “Didn’t know I was looking for love” by Everything but the Girl. Lately, I seem to be favoring “Didn’t know I was looking for love.” Not that I’ve actually found love. Ha!

2. I own an ungodly number of shoes, but only wear sneakers. I have so many pairs of shoes that I may be developing an Imelda Marcos complex. I love shoes. Despite the abundance of footwear, I only alternate between my white Keds and blue Chucks.

3. I’m really vain about my hair. When I was a freshman in high school, my two best friends staged an intervention. They made up a story about this girl who they had seen endlessly fidgeting with her hair. She kept running her fingers through her hair, combing it. If she didn’t have her trusty Hair Doctor around, she’d borrow someone else’s. She was shameless, they said. Nakakainis, they complained. They were pretty clever about it. They didn’t hurt my feelings but their little charade did the trick. I stopped messing with my hair. Now, I keep my hair obsession to myself. Mostly.

4. I’m psychosomatic. My neurosis peaks when I’m not doing anything productive. It got pretty bad during summer or sembreaks. When I was a kid, I got bitten by an ant. I kept asking people if ants had rabies. I was terrified I might die of an ant bite. More about this here.

5. I imagine my demise to be caused by slippery stairs. When I go down stairs, I imagine slipping, falling backward and hitting that soft unprotected part in the back of the head on the edge of a step. I see myself instantly dying. They say that hitting that hollow where the brain stem meets the spinal cord is fatal.

6. Books and movies make me cry harder than real life. Last night I saw Cheaper by the Dozen on cable, and started crying when Steve Martin finds one of his kids on the train bound for their hometown. Beans his frog had just died.

I pass this on to:
Nixie (perhaps when she gets back from Cotabato)
Pulang Chico

7 seen below:

Shari said...

Hehe, naalala ko bigla yung stairs sa two-oh's... slippery when wet! LOL!

the philosphical bastard said...

well if it helps, i slipped off the stairs once and i didn't die.

lei said...

RE: #6. anything can make me cry really. even nothing. lol that's one weird thing about me. i cry A LOT. remember spiderman?

kubiyat said...

shari: lalo na yung pababang stairs mula sa 20's papuntang lib. ang liliit kaya nung steps. at kung bumabagyo, omaygad, scary! :D

the philosophical bastard: of course, it's good news you didn't die :) but did you hit the back of your head? that's usually the part that makes me cringe.

lei: teehee, i know. you and your puffy eyes. si harry osbourne talaga o, tugging your heartstrings.

the philosphical bastard said...

no. my forehead hit the floor and the blood splattered everywhere.

that's the good news. the bad news is that you're my new favorite blog and i'd like to exchange links with you.

Shari said...

Eh pano naman yung abortion stairs? Nakakahingal na nga, delikado pa. Acccck!

Buti na lang di pa ako nadudulas dun. Nadapa lang ako once sa guardhouse at naputol yung little wood fences ng mga halaman dahil sa akin. I blame the high-heeled shoes I wore para lang sa lecheng interview sa Speech Comm. :p

fruityoaty said...

When I'm bored, I start browsing blogs and leaving boring comments like this one. :p

When I'm stressed, I start singing "Thank You" by Dido...

My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why
I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window
and I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be grey,
but your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad,
it's not so bad

When I'm going super crazy (superceded by being stressed), I start singing "Thank You" by Dido... but I change the lyrics to random shit.

S-c-c-cary. :p

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