Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How'd I manage to type this post?

Do you know the sound Courage the Cowardly Dog makes when he's stressed out? The whine he makes when Muriel is being carried off on the shoulders of some hairy denizen of the night into a dark damp tunnel? Yea...that one. Rako makes that sound when I growl at him. I'm a hairy denizen of the night.

Now off to something completely unrelated: Maika has finally put up a blog. Check out don't think twice and give her some love.

I will be back when the lure of sleep isn't so distracting.

2 seen below:

the philosphical bastard said...

i totally didnt get the first paragraph... but it sounded very smart!

kubiyat said...

rako is my puppy. and i growl at him sometimes. im thinking since he parted with his mom and the rest of his litter, he needs someone to growl with from time to time :D

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