Monday, May 7, 2007

In dreams

Just been to Neil Gaiman's blog. Check out The Dream Project. Very cool. The artists who contribute are trying to make their dreams materialize in the waking world. They're mapping out their dreams, obviously valuing the messages they get in their sleep. Interesting. My blasted Internet connection is too slow for me to do a comprehensive tour. Must check it out with broadband. I did manage to see Neil's Train and it gave me goosebumps. Anything that gives a person goosebumps is worth your time.

I read this book where a tribe called the Travelers trains a young man with an exceptionally good memory to became the village Chronicler. He remembers the tribe's history for everybody. The Dream Project remembers people's dreams. Ooh.

1 seen below:

maika said...

kubs, i have na a blog! yipee!!

siyempre wala tong kinalaman sa pinost mo.. hehe

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