Sunday, May 27, 2007

I can't spend another minute at home

After a week of being sick, I went out yesterday for a day of debauchery with Lei and Maika. We saw Pirates of the Carribean 3 with another friend of ours and her son, who had been looking forward to Jack Sparrow's antics since he saw the trailer in Spiderman 3 (He got bored with Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson's dramatic scenes and wanted to know how long before Jack came on).

I finally understand why women get wet at the sight of Orlando Bloom. He's come so far from the bow-toting, almost-gay interpretation of Legolas in Lord of the Rings. I didn't notice him then because I was too busy raving about Viggo Mortensen. In Pirates 3, though, Orlando is gritty and rugged and his chest is always visible. What girl can say no to that?

The moment Will Turner gets hoisted out of that vat in Singapore, I was his. Everytime he would come on screen all damp and grimy, Maika and I would be reduced to giggle fits. And that's saying something. We are not the giggly type. Thing is, he was damp and grimy for three-fourths of that film. And there was this part with the thing and the guy and the ohmigod!. There was a collective gasp from all three of us. Lei was on the brink of tears. We were aghast. How could that happen to someone so beautiful?

I realize Imelda Marcos keeps cropping up in my blog. Paolo made a comment about her on this post and I mentioned her again here. Now I'm going to talk about her again: she was in Pirates 3. I was astonished to see her there, bedecked in all her finery. There was too much powder, if you ask me. You'll see her there, I'm telling you. You'll be wondering if a Filipino really was involved in making this movie. Lei even talks about the humor being a little bit pinoy.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy watching Pirates. I didn't have very high expectations for this film, it being a sequel and all. However, this is one case where I don't mind putting my foot in my mouth. Aaar, you scoundrels! Scallawags, the lot of you! Aaaar! When you've seen it, let's talk details.

After the movie, we hooked up with our friend Emil and went straight to a videoke place. We spent the best of three hours singing songs that only existed in our elementary and high school psyches. Ah, but once a Spice Girl fan, always a Spice Girl fan. Lei shot some videos (there were pictures too, oh god) and boldly used one of them to black mail you into voting us in as two of the top ten emerging influential bloggers of 2007 (Incidentally, I'm still working on my list. Will be putting it up sometime this week, hopefully. If you guys have any recommendations or are not averse to pimping your own blog, post a comment and I'll see what I can do).

I had the best day to mark the end of sickness and boredom. We went home, hoarse and exhausted and happy. There's nothing like singing a pop song to brighten your day. Still had the dizzies but Kelly Clarkson and Hilary Duff fixed that. Goodbye vertigo. (I always thought Vertigo was a great name for a song. Really, U2 is too cool for their own good).

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Mark Xander said...

Galing! Keep it coming, Kubi! Huy, ang cake ni Lei, nabigay mo na? LOL.

The Vegan Prince

the philosphical bastard said...

Now speaking of the asians. i could hardly understand Chow Yun Fat's lines - except "wewcome two singapo." And, yes, Imelda Marcos was there. Who doesn't think of her as a pirate anyway.. hahaha. Borgy will kill me for this.

The King said...

Wala pa akong naririnig na nagrereklamo about it. I cant watch it though, cos i havent watched Pirates 2. Sabi kasi ng friends ko, if i didnt watch Pirates 2, madami akong hindi maiintindihan sa Pirates 3. Kaya ayun.. Papanoorin ko muna ang Pirates 2, one way or another, hehe!

~bloghopped from utakgago.=)

rhey said...

imelda marcos?!!! wow... super duper interesting... hahhaa...

now i have plans to watch an actual movie...

tis good.. tis all good. :)

thanks for dropping by the blog. balik ka ulit!

lei said...

since you'v been gooooooooooooone i can breathe for the first tiiime i'm soooo moving ooooooooooooon yeah yeah

omg that night was nothing but fun! not to mention the choco peanut butter mousse from red ribbon.

and then there's orlando bloom. waaaaaaa my gawd i cant stop thinking about him and our reaction when he was you know by the you know who and that's just so wrong. damn you mr jones! damn youuuuuuu!

teka, i better be on that list. haha ^_^

Poli said...

Haha! This entry made me think of the girls in our barkada whenever Astanos (sp?) appears on screen in the movie 300.

I don't think I'll be watching PoC 3 though because I haven't even watched the first one!

kubiyat said...

mark: (hihi, can i call you mark?) ala, onga, di ko pa nabibigay yung cake...

paolo: tell me about it. i didn't understand him in that part with kiera knightly. i know he needed to get all sultry, but it shot his pronunciation to hell. borgy (haha, feeling close naman ako ^_^) would kill you for what? he likes imelda?

the king: hello, salamat sa pagdaan :) hala oo, panoorin mo na ang pirates 2 para mapanood mo na ang pirates 3. personally, di ako masyadong naaliw sa pirates 2 pero bridge factor nga naman ang pelikulang iyon.

rhey: hehe, yea, watch it! if not for imelda, watch it for orlando!

lei: there was also our stirring rendition of "when you believe." good times, friend, good times.

poli: was that the guy who was laughing when the arrows were raining down on them? i thought he was fun :D

maika said...

hwat the hell?! kubi he's mine!!!!!!! mine!!!! rawr! :)

the philosphical bastard said...

i'm not sure if borgy will kill me for her glam-mother. i think he'll kill me anyway. he's got that marcos vibe!

when do you finally get who Imelda Marcos is the film, you're gonna be laughing out loud.

i swear.

the philosphical bastard said...

my message to rhey did not make sense. i am drugged this time of the day.

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