Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tennis look-alikes

I got this hilarious YouTube link from Joyce, who was busy swooning over Marat Safin. I always thought Amelie Mauresmo was a disguised man playing in the women's circuit. Federer and Tarantino share a nose. I wonder if Martina Hingis cares that her boyfriend looks like a ruined hobbit. I finally understand where The Djoker finds comic inspiration. Marilyn Manson needs make-up, but Myskina is all natural. Enjoy!

3 seen below:

Anonymous said...

a disguised man huh? that's a good one.

Shari said...

Well, look-alikes, certainly. Only I have no idea who they are.

I'm pretty much a loser when it comes to anything in the show business. Add that to the fact that I'm no tennis fan.

Only consolation is that I know that Andy guy. Heh.

CarBoy Films said...

This is awesome. Federer does look like Tarantino.

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