Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birds in the news

A lumad farmer shoots and kills a large bird perched on a tree near his farm. He cuts up the meat into fine pieces, making the bird ready for a soupy tinola dish. Its head and wings are buried, a neat finish. Then the farmer and his friends sit down to a nice meal. Elsewhere, a red flag goes up. Satellite and radio transmitters lead conservationists to the buried remains of Kagsabua (="unity"), a juvenile Philippine eagle rescued and released back into the wild four months ago.

Brian Balaon faces 10 years in jail for killing an endangered animal and violating the Wildlife Protection Act. There are less than 300 eagles remaining in the forests of Mindanao.

Hundreds of baby penguins wash up dead on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Pollution, overfishing, and climate change are the suspected culprits. Human beings are infinitely creative in their ways to kill.

7 seen below:

Velvet said...

hey, ate noreen.
it's sad to hear about people killing such beautiful birds.
it isn't right.
btw, got a new blog:
miss you. (this is aubrey, btw)

joyfulchicken said...

Hmm... now I wonder what eagle meat tastes like >:)

kubiyat said...

aubrey: hey you! it's nice to hear from you. i shall update your link :)

joyfulchicken: haha curiosity is the bane of all meaty endangered animals

Anonymous said...

kawawa naman ang ibon na yun. mabuti pa yata na hindi na lang siya pinakawalan kesa naging tinola siya. ang sama nga naman talaga ng tao o.

kubiyat said...

i suppose...but keeping it in a cage would have been a slow death too.

thanks for commenting! :)

Anonymous said...

np. i'd add you to my links too. do the same if you can. lol

kubiyat said...

check :)

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