Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fathers and forgetful angels

Mamma Mia. Meryl Streep isn't a bad singer and uses her body as if she is not about to get a hip dislocation at any moment. Everyone in that film looked happy- even when they were sad, they were cheerful about it. I do not see Colin Firth as a gay man. Stelan Skarsgard kind of creeps me out. When Pierce Brosnan sings, there's a point at the beginning of the song where it sounds like he's still clearing his throat. The scenes these three men share are the most endearing, but the hilarious Julie Walters could give them a run for their money. People in musicals clearly haven't heard of paternity tests.

Hancock. A couple of questions. Why did Hancock get amnesia if he had healing abilities? I mean, it took Peter Petrelli a while to regain his memory but he managed it. Also, if Mary didn't want to be found out, why did she go on a rampage in downtown Los Angeles dressed in that fetching black outfit? Way to hide your superpowers. And also, why did she keep bringing up details about their past? The man has amnesia, woman. He has no idea what you're talking about. Which brings me to: why was she acting like everything was his fault? Didn't she abandon him for the last eighty years? Aaand, what did Hancock use to attach that huge heart on the moon? (Or was it paint?)


And did those inmates feel awkward around each other after they got his head out of his ass?

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paolo said...

Dark Knight was awesome. posted a review of it on my other site.. hope you could drop by one of these days. :)

kubi said...

yes ive lurked around your movie site. i shall read your dark knight review, post haste.

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