Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The pile is growing

Update 7.31.2008: The city council has trashed (ha-ha) Vice-mayor Fariñas' proposal to place Baguio under a state of calamity. This article reports the decision and talks about alternative solutions.

Updates on the Baguio garbage problem.

City officials are looking to declare Baguio City in a state of calamity (more here). Vice-mayor Fariñas says that tapping into the calamity fund may assist in financing possible solutions. It may take about Php9 million monthly to have the trash transported to dumpsites outside the city. Clark, Pampanga is one possible destination.

Health officials warn that poor sanitation in the city could lead to disease. Tourism will likely suffer ("On your right, ma'am, is last week's uncollected garbage. Notice how the colors and smells just come alive! They jump right at you!"). People are grumpy about seeing garbage at every turn and grumble about bad governance. The entire city feels neglected.

But, again, we can do something about our own trash. You can refuse plastic bags in stores and carry your purchases in your own bags. Jessica Zafra writes that plastic is evil and suggests that we don't need it when we shop. And a manicured, sili-buying lady convinces Padma that all is not lost for Baguio.

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