Friday, October 21, 2011

Today is Hanna Day

This is for Banana on her 25th birthday:

You are a dreamer,
a cumulus cloud chaser.

You are a storyteller,
and yes, "your bed is a raft."

You are a wordsmith,
Long Live the Oxford comma!

You are a paperback lover,
a book devourer.

You are a green Post-it note,
"Don't forget the cake."

You are a music mastermind,
secret mix-tapes playing in your head.

You are a true original,
a rare vintage LP.

You are a lion-heart,
and life is a waltz.

4 seen below:

Inx said...

You are the sweetest, Kubi. I'm glad you're part of our lives <3

kubiyat said...

I'm glad you guys are part of my life too :) Good Morning Inkyshminky!

Hanna said...

I hug you! I'm always the one who writes notes to somebody else and I've never had someone write one for me. For this, I thank you. I'm glad you're part of my life, too. :)

kubiyat said...

You're welcome! See you soon :)

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