Friday, October 7, 2011


Ickle weblings, hearken! Join me in my elation. I am home.

It has been a strange week, where I was unable to identify my emotions and I have been dragging my feet. I texted Lem to complain about my waning academic drive (a different story), and he assured me that all would be well when I'd get home: "You'll have a few days to refocus here." He was right. As soon as the cold enveloped me, my mind started to clear.

I have always loved October. While September is the cusp of the seasons, October has always signaled the arrival of true cold. This is when the air starts to become crisp, a preview of what December and January will be like. The colors of the city thrum with an animated glow, and I feel my blood come alive. This is how I know things are never as bad as they seem.

2 seen below:

Fifi said...

You're so luuuucky! :) I can feel everything in this blog. :) So familiar. Love it! Hugs to Rako. :)

kubiyat said...

The city misses you too! I shall hug Dog for you. And as always, I love your comment! :)

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