Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Top Ten Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2007

Update, June 10, 2007 - I know I said I didn't have any time to finish the list, but now I do. These are the blogs occupying the remaining four spots on my list.

7. Fruity Oaty – I like the random-ness of it all. In Finding Forrester when William Forrester edits Jamal Wallace’s journals, he writes “Where are you taking me?” That’s exactly how one feels with Massa P.’s posts, and what a grand way to get lost.

8. Nick (Untold Pinoy Stories) – I don’t know where Nick the Author gets his very provocative stuff, but his blog is better than E! True Hollywood Stories. Talk about cracks in the parchment. Throw away your television, because this is the 4-1-1. And it’s written with such panache, I could cry.

9. Kikong Kalikot (Pinoy at ang kanyang musika) – The writer of this blog advocates for World and Earth music and tips readers to check out cool music events. If it’s a blog about music, then it’s okay in my book. Then I kept reading. I have an inkling that he might think music is the answer to depression. *That* makes the blog even more worthwhile.

10. Kubiyat (Baguio Below) – Ah, what the hell. It’s just like voting for the Pirate King with the eight other pirate lords. Savvy?


Janette Toral came up with a great writing project to generate a list of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2007. This is my contribution to the effort. I would have liked to complete a top ten, but time has not been on my side. The blogosphere is boundless, and I've barely scratched the surface. The blogs I include here are some of my favorites and fit the bill.

1. Lei (Cheese to go with my whine*) – When I hang out with Lei, I get to indulge the kid in me. Her blog is a lasting testament to all things only our inner child would admit to liking.

2. Paolo Mendoza (The Philosophical Bastard) – I can’t stay away from a blog whose author kills Peter Pan, laments the impotence of the most important piece in chess and obsesses about immortality.

3. JJ Junio (Unsent) – This is where I get my politics fix. It’s not something I normally talk about, but he makes the whole thing rather enjoyable.

4. Utakgago – I only started reading his blog, but get the impression that he *writes.* Who does that anymore? On one post, he ended with a post-script: “Nyeta, minamadali ako ng tatay at ate kong maligo. Sorry kung bitin or may mga errors. Promise i-rerecheck ko to!" That pretty much got me sold. I like people who edit their work.

5. Alternati (Sarcasm Aside) (Unfortunately, I have to take Sarcasm Aside out of the list since it started before August 2006. It's still a great read, though, so mosey on along over there and enjoy!) I found her blog a couple of weeks ago, and was strangely drawn to a blogger who might harbor ill-feelings towards Roger. I kept reading to find out that she’s from Baguio and a big TV buff. Anyone from Baguio and likes tennis is a friend of mine.

6. Eloiski – Naaliw ako sa post niya tungkol sa mga bagay na kina-aadikan niya. At dahil iiyakan pa niya ang anime, bentang-benta nako sa blog niya. Tapos malaman-laman ko pang takot siyang makahawak ng butterfly dahil ito ay nakakabulag. Totoo 'yon.

7. Poli (Gagopolis) – I share his addiction to The French Open and extremely enjoyed the post where he recounts stuffing a tabloid down his underpants.

21 seen below:

the philosphical bastard said...

peter pan's death, the king's impotence, immortality - i always knew there was an audience for dark humor (or maybe because it's the human side of fiction). tenks tenks. ;)

Poli said...

Hey thanks for the vote!

May coverage na ang Solar Sports ng French Open starting this day!

YEHEEEY! Magbunyi!

janettetoral.com said...

Hello. I noticed that Sarcasm Aside started before August 2006.

Thank you for joining this writing project!

Jhed said...

Hey! Nice list. I'm in the process of making my own list, so yeah.. I'm going to check out the ones you gave.

Oh, I'll link you up na rin. Thanks! :P

Alternati said...

I was just about to point out that my blog is relatively "too old" to be emerging, but janette beat me to it. hehe. Thanks for the vote though, you have no idea what that does to my ego. lol

I have been meaning to do this list but Alas, time isn't on my side.

P.S. I am a frustrated Marat fan thru and thru... :P

utakgago said...

hahaha, kubi! natawa ako dun.

kahit naman i-edit ko yung work ko, wala pa ring pagbabago. laging mali-mali ang subject verb agreement at past tense at present tense and stuff.

:) salamat! hehe.

kubiyat said...

paolo: hehe, no problem. we eat irony for breakfast, mwahaha! chomp chomp.

poli: wa-hoo! sinusulit ko na ang tennis ngayon dahil sa manila, wala akong cable. therefore, walang wimbledon. omaygad. what a harrowing thought.

janette: thanks for the heads up :)

jhed: thanks for the link! sige, tiyak na babasahin ko rin yung list mo. which reminds me...

alternati: ala, onga e, sayang naman. still, though, big fan :D

hyeah, it's fun to watch marat. and those wry smiles he has on court...quite the charmer.

utakgago: okay lang yun, dahil marami rin namang kawirdohan ang grammar :D i wish you long, happy hours editing.

jemme said...

hehehehe ayus ah.. sikat na sikat pala tong mga blog na to ^__^ waaaaaaa sana masali din ako dyan someday... heeheehee

Kris said...

Babae ba si Alternati? I thought s/he was a girl kasi parang namention niya sa blog one time na sa all boys school siya nag high school(Boys High, presumably).

Yah, meron ako yung ibang novels ni Amy Tan. =)

Poli said...

Tsk,tsk! Oo nga hindi ka makakapanuod ng Wimby!

Kung ako yan uuwi ako ng Baguio gabi-gabi! Peyborit Grand Slam ko ang Wimby e!

wanderingcommuter said...

hi kubs,

ewik here...

officially binuhay ko na po ulit ang aking blog life

tag me na lang, tinag na po kita


wish me luck!

wanderingcommuter said...

mali ang url hahaha

take two!


C5 said...

4 pa kulang! :)

kubiyat said...

jemme: hehe, pwede pa naman e. may apat pang libre.

kris: thanks for dropping by :) ala, feeling ko babae siya, at kung hindi ay *omaygad* (sorry alternati 0_0)

poli: ako din! paborito ko rin ang wimbledon. hala...kelangang gumawa ako ng paraan!

erik: erik! kumusta? sige, update ko yung link mo. welcome back to the blogging world. mami-miss ko ang pulang chico.

c5: oo nga e, haha. got any recommendations?

janettetoral.com said...

Hi. Thanks for completing your entry!

lei said...

kubeh beybeh! thanks for the lalalove! which reminds me, i have to complete mine too.

fruityoaty said...

Wow, thanks for the love. I would've nommed you, but unfortunately I found out about your site's existence way too late (via bloghopping off Lei's site) - finished my list a long time ago. Lei's got a great blog as do you.

Oh well, I'll find a way to plug your site soon in the near future. ;)

I love your list (some of them are on my list) - the only ones I haven't heard of are: Eloiski, Untold Pinoy Stories, Kikong Kalikot... I'll be sure to check 'em out.

Marni said...

great list. I've heard of them and some I visit. Those I haven't yet, I'll be dropping by their site soon. :)

janettetoral.com said...

Thank you again for joining this writing project. Will include your entry in our raffle this Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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