Sunday, June 10, 2007

And the events today are...

I updated my top ten emerging influential blogs of 2007 list (that was a mouthful). Be sure to check that out. If you haven’t seen the rest of the list, munch on that too. Blog hopping is a worthy hobby because: (a) you read all sorts of interesting things about all sorts of kooky characters; (b) if you are suffering from malaise and stuck in a slump, other people’s blogs get your creative juices flowing again; and (c) it’s great to laugh. Thank god for blogs.


The other day on my way home, the jeepney I was riding on nearly fell on its side. PUJ drivers find a certain pleasure in cooking up clever ways to beat the traffic. My driver wanted to break a couple of Physics laws and squeezed our ride into an almost non-existent sliver of road. He didn’t notice that the rotonda (with the big Christmas tree at the foot of Session Road) we were just passing was breaking a couple of Physics laws itself. It came out of nowhere. He drove right over one of its corners, and the jeep tilted precariously to the left. I was sitting on the right side, so I was the one who got thrown around. The two other girls opposite me just got a front-row seat to witness my temporary departure from gravity. I don’t get embarrassed by that sort of thing, but I was incensed when I saw the plastic bag carrying my santol was ripped. One of them could have fallen out, for chrissake. My bag also found its way violently to the floor, but was returned by one of my audience. It was an interactive show.

My heart was beating out of my chest, but I didn’t show any outward sign of being rattled. Those two other girls were lucky, because they could laugh and talk about it afterwards. They even had a little role play going about who could make the best walang reaction face. She was sitting across from them. I had to prematurely shrug the whole ordeal off and comfort myself by hugging my santol a little tighter. The driver, on the other hand, looked mortified and kept knocking on his rearview mirror, probably wishing it was wood. His colleagues were sniggering in their own front seats. They’re harsh. And we were still stuck in traffic.


I saw Ocean’s 13 yesterday and I have to admit, sequels sure are getting better. It was a good decision to bring them back to Vegas for this one. The humor was sharp, not like Ocean’s 12, where they were trying too hard. There was wit and cleverness, and the slapstick wasn’t too shabby either. Lately, it seems complicated plots are rubbing me the right way. Like the two other Ocean’s flicks, this one had the trademark planning and scheming…and canoodling (yeah, there was canoodling c/o a Cyrano-ed Matt Damon). I’m not sure if this one beats out the first, but it certainly leaves the second one in the dust.

I’m taking it slow today. It’s time to enjoy the ease of Baguio life while I can. Tomorrow, it’s off to the sweltering heat of Manila.

Lei and our other nursing friends are taking the Board exam today. They need our mojo. Channel, people!

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Poli said...

Good thing nothing bad happened to you.

Justine won in the women's side. Haha!

Now for the big one tonight...

the philosphical bastard said...

this is why i hate physics. you cant go on astral projections for free movies.. i'm so darn busy right now my next movie would have to be Fantastic 4. darn!

anyway, i'm glad you're ok. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

kubs, what's with PUJ drivers nowadays?
kitakits sa manila...hehehe.

Kris said...

You were riding either Aurora Hill or Trancoville(unless I forgot other jeepneys taking that route). By the way, they're the drivers I hate the most. Can't obey traffic rules.

What's wrong with Baguio drivers nowadays? Oh I remember, most drivers nowadays are not from Baguio! Bibihira na nga pala yung patatawirin ka sa pedestrian lane, kadalasan gusto ka pang sagasaan unlike before na very courteous. Booh.

Buti sana kung may insurance yung pamasahe natin, but wala...sila pa na 'tong garapal eh. Hehe. If only I could afford to ride a cab everyday, I'll do it, but I am a financially challenged individual.

What's with those jeepney drivers, really...para silang laging natatae at nagmamadali magdrive. Hay.

Should have thrown the santols at your driver. Grr.

The LTO should have "patience test" for drivers.

Talamasca said...

I also have my fair share of tales about PUJ drivers defying the laws of Physics! See, I was barely inside this enormously fugly jeepney when, all of a sudden, the driver stepped on the accelerator! And my god, I was like nanometers away from being pushed back outside! So my instincts told me to look for something to hold onto! There were no whatchamacallits on the roof for me to hold onto, so what I did was I extended both my arms like they're some kind of wings or something, and wouldn't you know, I held onto the nearest co-passengers' faces (I think I got 'em slapped 'em real hard as well LOL) as I was falling back! Good thing that right before I reached my untimely demise, some random dude caught me! It was humiliating I tell ya! ;-p

utakGAGO said...

oh, i'm a physics addict back at high school. :P

well, some jeepney drivers were twisted enough to let his passengers feel the word "adventure". with risk factor, of course.

once i had a jeepney ride to home when our jeep stopped unexpectedly, causing the jeep behind us to clash on the rear.

good thing i have seen it coming.

Alternati said...

The drasted jeepney drivers. Gotta love em. I would have been furious if I lost a santol because of them too! :P

We were planning to watch Ocean's 13 last Saturday but dinner with friends became coffee with friends and before we knew it, the cinemas were closed already. Oh well. The only thing good about 12 was the OST.

So you'll be moral support for the board takers? Good luck y'all. :D

The King said...

I dont have much bad experiences with jeepneys.. It's the arrogant trike drivers that I hate.. They speed up as if they're the king of the road, haha!

Em Dy said...

HI. Just saw Ocean's 13 too. You might want to check out my review on Pulse

Dea said...

You write very well.

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