Thursday, June 21, 2007

Heat + references to friends' homes + dreams

I have been trying not to complain about the heat in Manila. I'm thinking, It's Manila. What do you expect? The operative word is "trying." It's hard not to complain when the heat saps all of my energy and keeps me from doing anything productive. Surely, this heat is beyond normal.

In the Inquirer today, Conrado deQuiros writes that global warming "is not an environmental issue, (but a) survival issue."


Here is a product of a long MRT ride. I put together obscure references to my friends' homes:

My friend Zye lives in Carmona, Makati. There was this beer commercial (San Miguel, I think) where a guy takes his friends out for drinks and realizes that he forgot his wallet at home. He tells his friends he has to go and get it. As he leaves, one of his guests inquires after him:

Friend 1: Saan ba nakatira si (let's call him...) Eugene?
Friend 2: Sa Carmona.
Friend 1: Makati.
Friend 2: Hinde! Sa Carmona, Cavite!
Everyone in the beerhouse (in shocked tones): sa CAVITE?!!

My other Baguio friends live in Marikina, Metro Manila. The other evening, Nicole took me to Riverbanks Mall where we were to buy the ingredients for that night's dinner of fake crab and pechay. We finished our business at the supermarket and decided to look around for a bit. Apparently, Nicole had a surprise for me. At the very end of that stretch of mall is a shoe store that houses the World's Largest Shoes.
(Photo taken from the blog Welcome to my World by navigate53. Included in the post Explore Philippines: Marikina City.)
Incidentally, I am still homeless. My father didn't enjoy the idea of me living in a windowless room. I am currently shuttling back and forth between my lolo's house in Makati and Marikina. I'm living out of a suitcase. Very rockstar, but also very inconvenient. If you guys might point me in the direction of a cheap room for rent near Diliman, it would be most appreciated.
Last night, I dreamed that I revealed all of Maika's secrets through a text message. Apparently, I was exhausted and didn't know what I was texting. It was almost as if I was drunk. In my dream, I woke up (yeah, I woke up in the dream) with a bad feeling. I looked in my Sent Items and found I had texted all of Maika's deepest, darkest (Eh?) secrets to a certain Chloe. (I think the name Chloe stuck because last night, before I left Marikina for Makati, the people there were watching Match Point. Emily Mortimer's character's name was Chloe.) Maika, do you know anyone named Chloe? If not, we're good. Besides, in the dream, you forgive me. I give you a peace offering - a book called Myths Retold.

Read more: While searching for an article about the World's Largest Shoes, I found this site which includes some World Records the Philippines has acquired. Check out the Largest Loot in History. Thievery in high places. Very amusing.

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the philosphical bastard said...


i really missed reading something off of your blog. you are probably the few people that make sense in this alternate reality.

lei said...

pray chloe is not some psycho student of maika's. lol

maika said...

okay, number 1: you don't live in the harry potter-ish room anymore?
number 2: all my secrets? to a chloe? i don't know a chloe.
number 3: dude, baka its in your unconcious na you want to bulgar all my secrets (psychoanalysis to. haha)
number 3: i won't forgive you ngay. ang harsh ko no? haha! :)
lavya kubeh!

wanderingcommuter said...

naisip ko lang, si zye makati at si nicole marikina. bakit hindi tayo nagkikita-kita. katipunan lang kami ni joyce. ang odd noh?

sana matext mo din sa akin ang mga lihim ni maika...hehehe!joke lang maiks!

Poli said...

Hope your coping well with the heat!

dr. buttercup said...

hey kubs!

you get used to the heat after a while rin... hehe, its a good things you get to thrive in areas where there are still trees and grass. hehe. (you oughta see where i live - semento, canal, semento!)

anyhoo, commuting does take time and it'd be wiser nga to live in place near school. (yep, advice from somebody who lives 2 minutes away from school, teehee)

hmm.. we oughta make lakwatsa some time ngay... that is when i get to have a small holiday from this slavery they call medschool. hay.

i miss you kubee! =)

dr. buttercup said...

wah! typo.. "good thing"

post-duty bangag.

The King said...

Hay nako, mainit talaga sa Metro Manila. Good thing the campus in UP has many trees, kahit papaano, naiibsan ang init, lalu na kapag mahangin..

fruityoaty said...

I'm just thankful we have central air conditioning on full blast. Ah, the electricity bill is going to be pretty high this month. I guess I should feel guilty about the impact of my "lack of tolerance for sticky icky weather"... but... uggh, I can't get a good night sleep when I'm feeling physically uncomfortable. Bleah.

Homeless? Try living in one those big shoes! LOL, get it? The story of the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe? Yeah... ok, lame joke.

L8tr days!

teo said...

hey kubi! how do you feel about staying in a dorm on campus? the one emil's staying in now is uber near your building. you might want to check it out. =)

there's always the law lib or BA lib for air con. hehe

laizo said...

tag, hehe

ingat ka jan, nee-san..

Lisa said...

manila did not use to be this hot! global warming aside, I believe it's because when the heat was not yet unbearable, folks started installing aircons in their homes and offices, which in turn spew as much heat as the cool they generate, which makes Manila even hotter so no one wants to walk anymore, so we ride in airconditioned vehicles that cause traffic and generate even more heat.

as i was walking around my old neighborhood in Quezon City today, I noticed a breeze filtering through the trees and remembered when breezes were welcome. Now they no longer have any effect, and the standing under the shade of a large acacia no longer offers any relief.

Tis a sad state of affairs and I'm worried that Baguio is headed in the same direction

utakGAGO said...

it was just last monday when may napanaginipan akong isang kabarkada na nabuntis yung girlfriend nya.

very weird dream.

and eto pa - TINEXT ko siya to tell him about the dream. =)) LOL. sabi ko "diba hindi naman mangyayari yun!? diba?! dibaaaa!?"


share lang. lol.

mas mainit dito sa lb, grabe. siguro kasi nasa bundok kami!?

the philosphical bastard said...

hello.. wala lang, nagpaparamdam lang. daan ka naman minsan

Zye said...

hey kubi, stumbled on this while surfing. eniwei, 5 years later and we're still complaining about Manila heat. all is well. :)

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