Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tonight I revel in the cold

School was pleasant today. Freshman Zoology with 21 generally  well-behaved students can have extensive calming effects. Also, I graded a bunch of papers and stuck it to Procrastination. We'll see how long such resistance will last.

Something inside me has unwound. I'm less angry at the Universe. Also, I seem to be enjoying my own company again. Perhaps it has something to do with the arrival of the cold. The rain is a little strange, but I take what I can. This is home.

Today's happy thoughts are brought to us by Nicole. She was in Bangkok a few weeks ago, and thoughtfully sent me a postcard. It magically appeared on my desk this afternoon. It had a photo of a little girl with a painted face, squinting up into the camera. I love getting things in the mail.

0 seen below:

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