Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zen in your tea cup

More tea this morning. I'm enjoying a cup before I head out for a bunch of errands. Thinking of making tea and actually making it are just as relaxing as drinking it. I zone out and let my hands take me through the motions. I simmer some water and milk in a saucepan, then pour in my tea leaves. I watch the liquid turn creamy brown and I am at peace. There is quiet satisfaction in the gentle bubbling of hot tea.

Today, the sky is so blue, it's ridiculous.

2 seen below:

Fifi said...

When I was a kid I has a book about a man who saw an images of swans when he mixed milk into his tea. Then a real flock flew by and he followed the swans, fell in love with one and slept in the snow until he turned into one. ♥ (or at least that is how i remember it.)

I love milk clouds in tea. :) (Though I must confess as kid I called them worms) :D

kubiyat said...

Oh that is a nice story :) Milk clouds. Feel the foam!

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