Sunday, March 28, 2010

Glorious bites

Pa, Jake, and I are finally in The Netherlands with Ma. We're staying in today and munching on watermelon.

My poor sleeping habits seem to have vanished over the changing latitudes. I've been sleeping a lot, my body trying to get over the jet lag. I read somewhere that afternoon naps can help, but I've been a slave to my eyelids. I fell asleep at eight this morning.

We went for a walk yesterday, and ended up at the open market. It's spring here and the flowers are blooming. People are happy to see color after a season of white landscapes. I took photos of dogs and chocolate and cheese.


3 seen below:

Chenes Hilton said...

just passing by.. Happy spring! =)

INKY said...

So beautiful! I too shall travel. Soon :)

Thanks for the postcard Kubi! <3

kubiyat said...

No problem Inky! The world is your oyster :D

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