Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The end of the sem, Marikina, and Dumbledore

I concluded this semester with an incomplete and a half-finished paper. I watched Roger Federer lose at the Madrid Masters final. (It was to David Nalbandian, who beat out Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal to get there. Apparently, the guy was having a rough season, so crushing the first three seeds to win your first Masters shield after a dry spell is quite a comeback.) That was the first full match I'd seen with him playing. Despite these things, I'm unexpectedly fine. It must have something to do with being in Baguio.

Something strange happened last night. As I was getting into bed, I suddenly felt something akin to longing for the house in Marikina. It was only for a split second, but the feeling made me realize that the old house has left an impression on me. At the end of a hot, tiring day, it was where I would retreat to set up for the next grind. My house mates and I would sit around the dining table, comparing notes on our daily tribulations. We would laugh our way out of misery, and took comfort in little things like Boy Bawang and vinegar. Sometimes, when it rained too hard, the ceiling would leak. But we were always comfortable, perfectly happy with a series DVD playing on our long-lived TV. The rats who live between the second floor and the living room would make things go bump in the night. These are our house sounds. Occasionally, a mouse would venture into the human world and entertain us with its acrobatics. We've even done impressions. Overall, living in Manila wasn't so bad. I had friends and a home.

JK Rowling has revealed that Dumbledore is gay. Now, people are beginning to pick apart the real nature of his relationship with the wizard Grindelwald, who was quite the looker. But how dense am I? I seriously thought they were only friends. I need a lesson in reading between the lines. This revelation adds a new dimension to the Potter books, and it's encouraging to read that fans are as supportive as ever. If anything, people are loving the fact that someone who could wipe the floor with Voldemort has...er...alternate tendencies. Kudos to Dumbledore. I find it especially endearing that he decimated the guy who broke his heart. If everyone could settle heartache through a wizard duel, the world would be a better place.

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Paolo Mendoza said...

Harry Potter is much like pinoy television afterall. Next up, Ron! ;)

john be anonymous said...

wow, maybe federer is not the greatest after all huh? loosing to novak in canada now with david in madrid.. tsktsk.. then sa finals pa.. wow,, maybe its time for him to get the roland garros.. go roger.. :-). nice blog btw...

kubiyat said...

@paolo: no...you don't think that ron is...no! :D whatever happened to platonic love?

@john be anonymous: federer would not be the greatest if all he did was win. he needs challengers to push him to do the exceptional... but oh the agony! i hate seeing him lose :D

thanks for dropping by!

Poli said...

Federer is the GOAT! Not to worry, Federer has the year end no.1 locked up with his win in Basel.

I have no problems as long as he wins the Grand Slams. Maybe he's having a rough patch in his career.

Of course Nalbandian has always been a puzzle to Roger since their junior days. Roger just can't figure out the guy completely.

If I'm not mistaken, early in their careers Roger had a five-match (or was it 7) losing streak to Nalby.

wanderingcommuter said...

hi kubs,
its been a while.
i saw you and joyce walking at katipunan. though im inside a cab. argh!

next time...hope to hear from you guys!

Paolo Mendoza said...

just wanna say.. i transferred blogs. I'm now at http://khoops.com/blog ..hihi! hope to see you drop by sometime

FruityOaty said...

My cousin was actually in the Elgin Theatre (Toronto, ON) at the moment Rowling announced the "gay Dumbledore" thing... She was in town for author book reading festival.

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