Monday, September 3, 2007

Please support my piddling blog

I know I should have good reasons for having been away for a little over a month. I could say I lost my fingers to gangrene having survived a horrible refrigerator-cleaning mishap. Just so I'll look cool, I could say that my absence has been due to a pursuit of Mentat-level knowledge. Or...I could say that my mind has weathered down due to misuse and depression (which wouldn't be a very good reason at all). These reasons won't suffice...because (here, we sense a transformation) they would just be excuses. This won't be long. I prefer it to be painless. These days, I tend to get emotional if too long into something. My constitution has weakened over the past month.

Classes are fine, sure, but I have a nagging suspicion that I'm not actually growing (if I may employ such a physical word). Everyone around me seems to have left me in the dust. I look around and everyone is so purposeful. It's not like I'm not trying to do something useful. But I just can't get myself un-stuck. Call me crazy, but I suspect something magical is at play: I think we have a Procrastinator somewhere in the house.

In Terry Pratchett's Discworld, there is an order called the Monks of History. Basically, they're in the time business. They have a temple at Clay Lane in the city Ankh-Morpork. Inside are huge Procrastinators described by the monk Sweeper as "the ones that look like your granny's mangle." They take back time at the same rate it moves forward. Time, then, (kind of) stops in that general area. There can be no other explanation for my present inert state. I'm not usually this stationary.

Now, since I haven't seen anything around the house resembling anything my granny might use to press-dry her laundry, I conclude that my Procrastinator must be disguised. It could be the old Sony DVD player that won't play anything. Or the working DVD player, for that matter. It whirs too loudly for its own good. Or it could be one of the TVs. They look like they've been around for a while. Or that ancient maroon bean bag we just can't get rid off. On a side note, we think (and hope sincerely we are wrong) that a mouse has managed to infiltrate said bean bag and made it its home. Must find that Procrastinator. The cycle must be broken! O_o

I saw Casino Royale the other night and have developed an insane girl crush on Eva Green. I might say the same for Daniel Craig but I'm not sure where my girly tendencies might take me if I admit to such things. So I'll play it safe and go for Eva Green, and we can all assume I want to be her...and have that cute twitchy thing she does with her mouth when she talks. I wonder if it's because she was working an English accent in the movie. I didn't notice it in the Dreamers. She looked beautiful underwater, her hair swirling about her in a most merperson kind of way. Ethereal, Nicole said. Her appearance in the Golden Compass should be fulfilling. Her hair swirled around her a lot in the trailer too. Yey. I should also mention that we think Vorenus on Rome looks just like Daniel Craig. I think it's the pouty lips. And also, says Nicole, it should be noted that Brutus was M's personal assistant.

I have been so out of the blogging loop that when I clicked on The Philosophical Bastard, I had to register. It was very professional. There were also a lot of feeds about Malu Fernandez. In my best Dean Winchester voice "That Malu chick...whatta bitch!" The thing about communication, is that even when you say you're sorry and resign, things already said or written have already been heard or read. As usual, Poli delivered with his Havaianas-Spartan peys op. Because only Pinoys give birth to real slippers. Haha. It was also interesting to find out that a fat ginger cat moonlights for Fruity. Lei and Maika had better start writing again. I thought we were supposed to conquer the blogosphere?

Poetry, poetry. My words come out in verses and well-timed syllables. Haah. Right. Link love for poets. Check out laizo, casidhe, and frankie on deviantart.

Must go and study now. Be back soon. I hope.

P.S. If you want to see something pretty, go to a National Bookstore, head to the science fiction shelves and survey the complete set of Frank Herbert's Dune. Yeah, I said survey, because that's what I did in my impoverished state. But if you can buy them, what the hell, do it! This restocking is a heartening development. The release of Hunters of Dune has rekindled the passion for the earlier books. Let's all put on a stillsuit and go home to Dune.

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Fendi said...

Welcome back! ;)
I will try to find the DUNE, I love Cryptozoology.


fruityoaty said...

Well, you gotta know by now that I'm always wearing my... "I Support Your Piddling Blog" badge. :p

The polls are over. Expired. Looks like ehrr, sorry... you got zero percent of the votes in "Most Kickass Writer of the Year". I placed 2nd. Jessica Zafra won 1st.

Umm, you deserve the 2nd place more than I do. Really.

Dune series, my fave sci-fi book series of all time. I even read the stuff by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

I have a strange fascination with inventing a real-working Dune stillsuit. Gross, I know. :p I could market it to big corporations whose executive management weasels are trying to save money. Well, all those bathroom and water cooler breaks are on company time, ya know. LOL.

Think of the fortune I'd make! Rich, bubba! Rich, I tell ya!

the philosphical bastard said...

actually the only reason why my page looked like that was because i was doing an overly exaggerated blog poll on who the most evil blog on the net is (while on blog break) - you were nominated as one of the "kickass writers." yay!

i'm also kinda disappointed with the pinoy blogosphere nowadays; i think pinoys tend to politicize everything. but anyway.. my site should be back up next week. :p

Lisa said...

There must be something wrong with the August air. I can understand Americans on summer vacation, but do Filipinos stop blogging for weeks because of the rain?

Poli said...

Welcome back Kubi! Update you blog more.

Unfortunately, I don't enjoy sci-fi that much.

Are you following US Open this year?

laizo said...


saw roger win it..


check out casidhe..


utakGAGO said...

Same here. I used to blog everyday and now, call me a bum blogger. Wee. Lol.

Missed this blog so much :)

[With your fridge accident... spooky!]

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