Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm supposed to be studying

Just when I thought the days between posts were getting fewer, I might have to disappear again. Hell week is rearing its ugly head and I'm running for the hills. Not to cower, but to meditate. I really should get my act together, but the the closer we get to the end of the sem, the more distracted I'm becoming. It's crunch time and I'd rather munch time.

I'd rather blog than study. I feel that tug every blogger gets when they need their daily blog fix. I have a Write! Write! Write! marquee scrolling around in my head. I go online supposedly to download things for class, but I end up blogging. I also forgot how fun it was to comment. It's like leaving muddy footprints around the blogosphere.

Anyway, speaking of commenting... The House of M (that's Marikina, not Magnus) has been swallowed up by the Marvel Universe, following our immersion into Avangers Disassembled and recently the House of M (that's Magnus, not Marikina). So: If you were a mutant, what powers would you have? Would you be an X-man or a member of the Brotherhood? Post it in the comment sheet and let's cha-cha.

Timing's a bitch. I'm getting my blog mojo back, but I need to go and be a shining example of academic achievement.

3 seen below:

fruityoaty said...

If I were a mutant, I'd want to be a Hobbit... then I'd have a valid excuse to eat 7 meals a day (not including snacks): breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, tea, dinner and later, supper. :D Oh yeah.

I also rather like the idea of walking around without shoes (thick hairy feet, scary but convenient). I'm imagining the money I'd save over the years... on never having to buy shoes... ever.

(Cough). Nerd.

Poli said...

Good luck to all of us! Talagang patayan na ngayong panahon pagdating sa mga deadlines!

nic said...

roommate mine, methinks i still want mr. linderman's powers. but if i had to pick something more realistic, i'd like the powers of self control. haha. :)

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