Thursday, January 6, 2011

The year so far

January has been okay thus far. My return to school was surprisingly uneventful (i.e. the forces of Procrastination did not make an appearance), and everything else is more or less getting on smashingly. But for some mysterious reason, I keep mucking around in the darker corners of my head. I am writing this post to remind myself that THERE IS NOTHING TO BE DEPRESSED ABOUT. And also, lists are fun.
  • I live in a place with lots of strawberries.
  • I have a Lemur who loves me.
  • I have great friends.
  • I have a large black dog who is always around for spontaneous hugging, and a tall-ish little brother who talks to me about airplanes (and is also around for a hug should he permit it).
  • I have a bunch of books (understatement) waiting to be read. (Dear Attention Span, I wish you would stop disappearing at inopportune times. I would really like to finish a book.)
  • I have time to read. A miracle, because I thought my only reading material this month would be evil, ungraded papers.
  • I bought a smaller bag for my that I could put it in a bigger bag. Shuddup. It's preeettty.
  • It's blinkin' cold up here. (We didn't need snow, you idiots.)
  • I have Assam tea again, thanks to a friend. In October when I ran out (Was it October? It feels longer.), I survived, but barely. My life was in shambles without it.

So. Life is pretty great. I want I want I want to get out of my head.

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