Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mahirap na

Photo from Bulatlat

Mahirap na talaga.

The AFP arrested 43 community health workers in Morong, Rizal on February 6, 2010. Earlier lies allegations didn't fly, so the AFP claims that these individuals work for the health bureau of the National People's Army. I suppose they realized how ridiculous "bomb-maker" sounded as a charge for arresting health volunteers. As Rilo Kiley eloquently puts it, "Any fool can play executioner for a day, and say with fingers pointed in both directions, 'He went that-a-way."

These men and women devoted their time and energy to extend health services to the community and the thanks they get is to be arrested and needlessly tortured on unsound charges. They were detained, blindfolded, and deprived even of the most basic human rights. When they needed to relieve themselves, someone accompanied them to the bathroom and pulled down their underwear for them.

Mahirap na talaga.

Sexual harassment and torture charges have been asserted against the AFP division that arrested the 43 health workers. The president, a supposed champion of women's rights, needs to be told to look into the issue. What sort of security can we expect from a system and its denizens who cannot keep their own dogs in check? Think: an armed unit that believes it is answerable to no one. What is more frightening than that?

Mahirap na talaga.

Community health workers do not expect, nor receive, substantial compensation when they go off into the remotest areas of the country to provide basic medical services. They volunteer with the express intention of helping people who are in need. They give assistance, regardless of political affiliation. They risk their own well-being to answer a call that comes from a deep sense of duty and contribution. There are all sorts of dangers on the field, but who could have ever imagined that those sworn to serve and protect would be the most treacherous?


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