Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Save Baguio Athletic Bowl 2 (Also, #100)

UPDATE: The Facebook group previously known as "save baguio athletic bowl from the koreans" has been re-named "save the burnham park movement." Its new mission here. Now for some very good news: Resolution 515, which allowed the mayor to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Korean investors, has just been re-called. Kudos.

Today, concerned Baguio citizens came together at the Baguio Athletic Bowl to show their support against its privatization.



Just a couple of updates:

Councilor Pinky Rondez made a privilege speech at the City Council yesterday, expressing her own protests against the lease and proposed development plan. When the council met to sign the MOA on 21 December 2009, she was absent. She is currently at the helm of the Burnham Park Development.

An outpouring of indignation from the online community has shaken the MOA's undersigned. Many of the councilors who previously supported the deal are now withdrawing their signatures. Like rats deserting a sinking ship. On the other hand, Mr. Peter Rey Bautista continues to stand by his actions, deliberately dismissing the online protests. In the SunStar today, Councilor Betty Tabanda asks the enraged public to be reasonable. Well, where was reason when the council by-passed transparency and excluded the public to rush the MOA?

Another Facebook group, Petition Against Baguio Athletic Bowl MOA, has been put up. It's true, Koreans are looking to develop a historic piece of public land, but the anger towards them is a little misplaced. The first group, which implored us to "save baguio athletic bowl from the koreans," was the initial emotional outburst from people who love this City. It has been instrumental in getting the issue out online, as well as bringing people together for a demonstration of support. Now, we must set our sights on the real offenders. Current and previous administrations have made it easy for the Koreans to take Baguio piece by piece. The local government let these people have their way, with no thought to consequence. There simply was no sense of duty, or interest, to protect the City and its residents. These so-called leaders would have us feel like strangers in our own home. They sold us out.



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