Friday, April 27, 2007

Career change

After an impressive amount of procrastination, I finally sent in my application yesterday. I also changed my mind and applied for environmental science instead of marine biology. I have long been in love with the dream of a career spent almost a hundred percent of the time in the ocean. I wanted to study marine biology first, because I wanted to rescue the whales and dolphins from extinction (I know...I was a little girl!). Then, I saw this documentary about jackass (Who knew?) penguins being rescued from an oil spill in Boulders Beach, South Africa. I felt something like terrible purpose when I watched those penguins get released back into the sea. I wanted to be on the beach, setting those clean penguins free. My heart was really set on marine science, but in the months leading up to now, the passion has been waning. My mind has been turning to other things like conservation, genetics and even writing. For a short time, I thought genetics might be the science for me. I thought that if I couldn't do any research, I could work in a sperm bank. Although now that I think of it, there is no lack for sperm here in the Philippines. I also like the mathematics of genetics, the probabilities. There is also a degree of prescience, which I find fascinating.

My love for writing may again be put to the test. I will soon be making a journey back to the empirical world. I will be getting ready to squeeze out literary creativity to make room for solid science. Don't be surprised if, in a few months, my writing will be wrung dry of romance or imagination. Join me in mourning the imminent demise of my artistic soul.

What finally prompted me to go for environmental science was when my father and I were watching this bit of news about global warming. My dad nodded to the TV and said "Why don't you try this out?" The idea of working on something related to global warming was actually already hop-scotching around in my head at the time. I had just seen An Inconvenient Truth a couple of weeks ago and I had since been thinking of the widespread effects of the phenomenon. I found myself particularly interested in the ecological effects of climate change and considered making a career of it (Sorry, went all geeky there for a second) So, sitting on our blue couch with my puppy lounging on my lap, I thought "What the hell, environmental science it is."

I have a couple of weeks to wait and see if I got into the program. I have my fingers crossed. I need mojo, people! Weirdly apt for the occasion, there's this article in the NY Times about how a dean of admissions got a little nuts about her academic background.

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Shari said...

Alam mo, I've always wished that we could just take one course and be everything we want to be. A Certified Human diploma would be a very great one, and the receiver of this kind of diploma can pursue both environmental science and marine biology. People wouldn't have to worry about a darned thing because everyone takes good care of our planet.

Haha dream on. Blah.

JJ said...

Dude I can lend you my mojo! Harhar. I love genetics! I took it (made it my major) when I was in college, fell in love with it and then boom! Next thing i knew I was with the "self-proclaimed" nerds of UPLB IBS. Nyahaha.

I'm applying for a job that is way out of my line but then I'm still studying back at home. Waiting for the day that I could apply all the things that I've learned to make our country, at least, a better place to live in.

lei said...

go kubi ^_^ gosh i feel like everybody is moving on with their lives and im stuck because of the stupid retake. i hate my life.

kubi said...

Shari: But instead we have to make decisions, decisions. And wouldn't it also be nice if people weren't so hung up on what degree you finished just so you can do a particular job?

JJ: Thanks man. The mojo will be much appreciated :D When I was thinking about genetics, a prof told me that LB would be the best place for it. And you graduated from there pala. Coolness, kaka-inggit. Genetics is fun and LB is a pretty campus.

Lei: Donk worry, Lei. Everything will work out as soon as this retake shmetake is done with. While you're waiting, you have some serious bumming around to do. Wala nang ganun sa States, pag nagtatarbaho ka na.

Shari said...

Onag eh, reality check talaga. Boo. But then, as long as we survive, the complaints just don't stop. Haha. How pathetically sad. (huwat?!)

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